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Service Guidance for 2015 China Liuzhou International Water Carnival (Part 3)
Date:2015-10-01 By:Shasha Liang Bing Lian Source:www.lznews.gov.cn

★P750 High-Speed Rubber Dinghy Rally: Green Water Carnival

●Time: Oct. 1 – Oct. 3

●Venue: Water areas between Liujiang Bridge and Wenchang Bridge

●The first P750 high-speed rubber dinghy rally in China! This rubber dinghy rally is a brand new water sport which starts promotion in Liuzhou this year. You can watch the first P750 high-speed rubber dinghy rally here!

●Local citizens and foreign tourists can watch this rally alongside the competition water areas for free! From Oct. 1 to Oct. 2, the citizens can watch the rally on the two sides of water areas between Liujiang Bridge and Wenchang Bridge.

★UFO Water Boat: Take you to travel through the city!

●Time: 10:00-22:00 from Sep. 30 to Oct. 7

●Venue: Yaobu Old Town

★Water-based Interaction: Interaction with fun and without limitation

Time: Oct. 1 to Oct. 7

Venue: Huanjiang Binshui Avenue (near the artificial beach of Jinglan Water Sport Base)

Theme 1: waga Water Park

●The activity Water Champion held in the waga Water Park is an interesting water sports meeting with various challenges. The game will establish different teams such as Adult Team (with members aged over 16), Juvenile Team (with members aged 12-16), Children Team (with members aged less than 12) and Parent-Child Team. This interesting game will bring fantastic experience for those who challenge themselves in the water game.

●This sports meeting includes sprint, cross-country obstacle race, high jump, long jump, challenge for rolling bridge and pentathlon.

The winners will be given awards worthy of thousands of yuan.

Theme 2: Go Catch Fish!

●The activity starts at 10 am and 3 pm with one round per half hour;

●The staff will clean the site and supplement the fishes for every two rounds. The live fishes will be dispatched 3 times a day per pool and the dispatched fishes each time will be not less than 1,500;

●Children’s pool is only available for the children at age of more than 6 and at a height of less than 1.4 m where the adult is forbidden to enter in. The activity in parent-child pool requires joint participation of the adult and their children.

●The participants are required to catch the fish by hands in the pool and any auxiliary tool is forbidden. After catching a fish, the participant can ask the staff for a bag to hold the fish as a reward;

Theme 3: Water CS Game

● The participants will be divided into 2 teams and each team has one white flag located in an opposite place which is the camp of each team respectively.

● There are 7 pigment cartridges in each other’s camp and the team members can fill “ammunition” in the cartridge. But, the “ammunition” is limited and has no more supplements when it is used up.

● The winner would be the team who uses the limited “ammunition” to destroy the opponent and first leaves 7 colors on the white flag of the other team.

● There are 2 minutes for both teams to hide themselves before the game starts. Once the game begins, the member whose white vest is hit by 3 colors of “ammunition” would be deemed as death and has to quit the game and is required to hand over his/her own water gun to team members.

The champion will receive awards worthy of thousands of yuan.

★Water-Shore Synchronized Performance Night

Time: Oct. 1 to Oct. 3

Venue: Jin Shajiao

Compared to the traditional shore performances, the Water-Shore Synchronized Performance Night has 3 innovations:

Innovative Forms: The flyer over the water, synchronized water sports and onshore performances will come together on the integrated water-shore stage which is formed with the combined effect of sounding, lighting and electrical instruments. This innovative performance form will refresh the audiences.

Innovative Stage: The stage for the activity will extend from the shore into the water, making it possible to play performances on the shore and in the water simultaneously.

Innovative Content: There are 6 scenes for the activity, including dragon jump, dazzling, fluttering, hilarity, shining and fighting to the top. Each scene can be divided into the shore part and water part, the combination of which can maximize the visual effect. For example, in the 2nd scene dazzling, when there is a dazzling fluorescence and laser dances on the shore, the nightlight synchronized performances will be given by motorboats and vertical boats simultaneously, bringing a shocking scene to the audiences just like the symphony accompanied with shadows and lights.

★ Forest Music Festival--- A Crossover Music Feast

Time: October 2nd ~ 4th

Place: Junwu Forest Scenic Area·Yaozhai

The forest music festival is one chapter of the Water Carnival trio: ethereal. The all-natural forest music festival will be held with the unique ethnic customs, natural sceneries and camping in Junwu forest. With echoing between original natural environment and music as well as combination of camping and activities, a new type music carnival will be built around the theme of this music season: ethereal.

The camping festival will also be held besides the music festival. When camping in Junwu forest, the tourists could lay in the tent, or sit on the grass to watch the outdoor movie, gaze upon the vast sky which is away from the noisy city, listen to forest symphony formed by chirping and croaking which is disappearing in the city and enjoy a more individual and fresh experience.

★Beer and Music Carnival

Time: September 30th ~ October 7th

Place: Civic Square

Daytime is bustling and night is for the Beer and Music Carnival . Here, beers are endless, you could have them for free; bands are great, over 20 bands would rock all night; food is more than enough, you could search through the streets and lanes to enjoy delicious food of the city.

★the 4th Liuzhou River Snail Rice Noodle Festival: only to find the best one

●Place: Huarun·President Palace, Liuzhou

●Time: September 26th ~ October 7th

●Theme: 1. Traditional Liuzhou flavor: river snail feast including river snail rice noodle, duck feet pot with river snail, stir-fried river snail, river snail stuffed with minced pork.

2. Guangxi snack: typical food of Guangxi like toasted Bama fragrant pig, Beihai ghost crab sauce and Nanning Laoyou rice noodle.

3. Innovative cuisine: pot ice cream, piano bread, clouds ice cream……the innovative cuisine brings a new taste style.

●Highlights: the stage performances with different themes will be held every night from September 26th to October 6th. Public interactive activities will be held every day for citizens to enjoy food and have fun.

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